Monday, April 20, 2009

2488g and 700g on AH

Hello and welcome. I was trying to get some nasty errors with Auctioneer fixed this weekend without losing my data and I was able to pull it off. I had to buy a few things to get this week moving. Been having some luck lately by splitting big stacks of what I like to call "Buff Food". Essentially anything you can eat that will relplenish and buff you for well fed. Cook's post these items on the cheap and you can split them into 5's and get a significant amount of gold from it.

Also I want to re-visit the cosmic essence talks we were having. My server is still at a very low level. Are anyone elses starting to come down at this point? I could buy 10 for 69gold. Frozen orbs are holding pretty solid around 100g. I also noticed the arctic fur came down a lot. Did they increase the drop rate from skinning on these? Help me out in the comments.

Friday, April 17, 2009

2507g and still 400g on AH

Playing it pretty conservative for the first week after patch just watching some prices. Still managed to make about 400g though. Staying away from EPICs and buying materials for crafts is definately been keeping the income steady. It's just now that I can afford the expensive mats to resell. I'm taking the weekend off for a wedding, not the most fun thing in the world but they are friends at least. I'll check back in with you on Sunday! Happy hunting.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2119g and 400g on AH (Idling for 3.1)

I did it. I broke the 2000g mark. I didn't get to spend the time buying on Monday night. With the patch I didn't want to invest significantly. Now that its out its time to start again. Markets should steady all over the board after about a week. Lack of purchasing and hot selling makes for no hotlist coldlist for the week.

Monday, April 13, 2009

1988g and 700g on AH

Sorry for the lack of posts. Its starting to get nice outside here in the midwest not to mention baseball season has started.

So here we are almost breaking 2000g from the 20g initial investment. It has only been 1 month and 2 days. I expect when I get home tonight to have broken the mark. Greater cosmic essences from the last post are selling out for me at a low price but are moving very fast. I haven't done a serious amount of buying lately as I was stocked up from the guy who sold me the contents of his guild bank last weekend. I'll probably spend some time scanning and buying tonight.

Does anyone know when the 3.1 patch is coming?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

1829g and 900+ on AH/Bag

Finally I sold the [Design: Thundering Skyflare Diamond]. I didn't make much on it so I wouldn't really say these are a good turn. I'm still scanning the AH every morning and evening. What i'm finding though is there are so many scanned items, if the market turns quickly my median is terrible. Is there any way to filter out like 10% of the highest prices? I looked around a bit and couldn't find anything like this.

Eternals and Crystalized items are still moving very well. Try and pick these up cheap and flip them for a few gold. Also one thing I want to point out. Sometimes the Cooks will post up some food that restores health and also buffs you for a duration of time. These items over level 60 can be bought sometimes very cheap in stacks of 20 and broken into 5's for some serious turn around. Most of the time I have seen them, i bought the only stack of 20 and posted it for 3-5x profit in stacks of 5.

Greater cosmic essence has become flooded on my server. Right now the lowest price is 5g per. Chime in with the price of Greater Cosmic on your server in the comments. Just looking for a trend here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1491g, 1000+g on AH and 400g in items in Bags

Hello all. Progress is moving along. Some items are very flooded so I'm holding them in my bag until the market bouces back. The real reason for my post this morning is you guessed it, Hotlist Coldlist.


  • Crystalized and Eternal Fire (literally this stuff is hot)
  • Armor Kits higher than lvl 60
  • Frozen Orbs (Although price has bottomed they still move within 12 hours)
  • Any type of fish in stacks of 5 other than Moonglow Cuttlefish


  • Inks under level 40
  • Designs for High End Gems
  • Nexus Crystals

Monday, April 6, 2009

1410g, 1200+g in Auctions and 300g in bag items

So in the last post I talked about buying stuff off this guy in trade to get down to 968g. After posting all of that last night and checking my mail this morning, I'm back up past my initial gold. He had a lot of demanded items that since I bought so cheap I could undercut the Sunday night floods. I sold multiple Ore's, eternal elements, crystalized elements, uncut gems (suprising), some Arcane and Infinite dust and other chanting materials. SHAMWOW! :) Still no luck with [Staff of Natural Fury], [Design: Khorium Rifle] and [Design: Thundering Skyflare Diamond]. I bought all those around the same time. I'm not asking over market at this point and they are still stale. Anyone have market prices for these on their servers? I'm just curious.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

1364g and Loaded Up

The weekend has been decent for sales. I got a few things sold that had been sticking around for a while. I had some [Scale of Onyxia] for almost two weeks that I finally got rid of. I would recommend staying away from those even if they are under priced. Also sold a [Swif Skyfire Diamond] for 96g. [Armor Kits] prove a consitant market exists as well. Referring back to an older post. I found out that buying flooded Chaos Deck cards does work out in the end. 30-80g profit per card isn't bad.

Great news! In mid-post here I had a guy who looked like he was unloading his GuildBank and didn't really care how much it went for. I'm down to 968g but i'm way over 2000g in potential AH sales after posting it. Just caught the right guy at the right time. I'll be sharing results with you all week as usual. Tomorrow night, I should have the hot/cold list ready.

Friday, April 3, 2009

945g and 1300+g on AH

Somethings are coming back and starting to move again. I unloaded a few [Armor Kits] and although [Frozen Orb] prices have plummeted they still move quickly if you can get them for a good price. I'm also having some new luck with level 60+ [Fish]. Seems like a lot of people will go out and fish a bunch of something and then post it cheap in stacks of 20. Buy it and stack fish in 5's. Works out well for me everytime. Lets hope we got something good going for the weekend.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

827g and Feeling better, still 1000+g in stock

Some items i've had for a while finally sold over last night. 2 [Darkmoon Faire cards] sold at 50g+ profit and some [Lion's Ink] I picked up after work last night sold overnight. I made 30g on the ink. I wouldn't quite consider the market stable for a while yet. I'm thinking another 2 weeks should do us good. Meanwhile i'm going to try and stick to some smaller stuff that I have had some consistant luck with. Does anyone know if beancounter or some part of the auction sweet can breakdown quickest turn arounds?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Making headway - 627g and over 1000+g in stock

Monday night I went back to my roots a little. I know you are all like, how does he have roots he started this a month ago. LoL. I spent a total of 5g and picked up some [Herbs] and some inks. They promptly sold by last night. Those are the types of things I started with. They still move, imagine that. I found some strange reverse way to search the auction house for low buyout and actually beat the mobs of people playing the AH to the good items. Instead of using the search for buyout set your profit margin to 1g and click the bids allowed box and uncheck buyout. Then run your search after a fresh scan. At that point sort the list by buyout price. You'll find some amazing steals i'm sure. I know because I did. Now i'm using that search a lot.

Based on some comments I'm blaming my bad sales on Spring Break market flooding and everyone saving for DUAL SPEC. So for now, i'm going to hold some items in stock and wait for the market to stabalize. Now this wonderful comment poster #7 from the last blog entry informed us of this Spring Break phenomenon. My question is are there other times when the market gets flooded, or even better to know, does it ever dry up making prices good because of low stock? If anyone would share their thoughts on these times please feel free.

Due to crappy market conditions everything is on a coldlist this week. Sorry