Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Making headway - 627g and over 1000+g in stock

Monday night I went back to my roots a little. I know you are all like, how does he have roots he started this a month ago. LoL. I spent a total of 5g and picked up some [Herbs] and some inks. They promptly sold by last night. Those are the types of things I started with. They still move, imagine that. I found some strange reverse way to search the auction house for low buyout and actually beat the mobs of people playing the AH to the good items. Instead of using the search for buyout set your profit margin to 1g and click the bids allowed box and uncheck buyout. Then run your search after a fresh scan. At that point sort the list by buyout price. You'll find some amazing steals i'm sure. I know because I did. Now i'm using that search a lot.

Based on some comments I'm blaming my bad sales on Spring Break market flooding and everyone saving for DUAL SPEC. So for now, i'm going to hold some items in stock and wait for the market to stabalize. Now this wonderful comment poster #7 from the last blog entry informed us of this Spring Break phenomenon. My question is are there other times when the market gets flooded, or even better to know, does it ever dry up making prices good because of low stock? If anyone would share their thoughts on these times please feel free.

Due to crappy market conditions everything is on a coldlist this week. Sorry

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