Sunday, April 5, 2009

1364g and Loaded Up

The weekend has been decent for sales. I got a few things sold that had been sticking around for a while. I had some [Scale of Onyxia] for almost two weeks that I finally got rid of. I would recommend staying away from those even if they are under priced. Also sold a [Swif Skyfire Diamond] for 96g. [Armor Kits] prove a consitant market exists as well. Referring back to an older post. I found out that buying flooded Chaos Deck cards does work out in the end. 30-80g profit per card isn't bad.

Great news! In mid-post here I had a guy who looked like he was unloading his GuildBank and didn't really care how much it went for. I'm down to 968g but i'm way over 2000g in potential AH sales after posting it. Just caught the right guy at the right time. I'll be sharing results with you all week as usual. Tomorrow night, I should have the hot/cold list ready.


  1. Yeah, I'd think there was a very limited market for those scales and the turnaround time must be very long - if a guild decides to go to BWL, they'll need those scales but except for that, I can't really think of any scenario.

    What armor kits are you pushing? Any and all - or do you limit yourself?

  2. Are you producing these Armor Kits or just flipping them?

  3. I'm flipping Armor kits not producing them. Any armor kit KnotHide and up. There may be market for the lower ones as well, just not enough profit to make it worthwhile. Unless you get them at a steal.