Thursday, April 9, 2009

1829g and 900+ on AH/Bag

Finally I sold the [Design: Thundering Skyflare Diamond]. I didn't make much on it so I wouldn't really say these are a good turn. I'm still scanning the AH every morning and evening. What i'm finding though is there are so many scanned items, if the market turns quickly my median is terrible. Is there any way to filter out like 10% of the highest prices? I looked around a bit and couldn't find anything like this.

Eternals and Crystalized items are still moving very well. Try and pick these up cheap and flip them for a few gold. Also one thing I want to point out. Sometimes the Cooks will post up some food that restores health and also buffs you for a duration of time. These items over level 60 can be bought sometimes very cheap in stacks of 20 and broken into 5's for some serious turn around. Most of the time I have seen them, i bought the only stack of 20 and posted it for 3-5x profit in stacks of 5.

Greater cosmic essence has become flooded on my server. Right now the lowest price is 5g per. Chime in with the price of Greater Cosmic on your server in the comments. Just looking for a trend here.


  1. Greater Cosmic are selling for 13-15 On Uldum, Alliance side

  2. Greater Cosmics are selling for 12-18g on my server, Alliance side. Not sure about horde side. You should think about buying some of the cheap ones and reselling them after 3.1.

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  3. Greater cosmics are around 10-11g as a low on my server, more common would be 15-18g.

  4. Same here, but not as bad as yours. A lot of folks are unloading items to get ready for patch day and dualspec costs. On the plus side, it's cheaper to get stuff. I'm a bit leery about what is and isn't good to stock up on atm.

  5. @Sparks -
    The exact opposite is happening on my server, people are buying up all the mats to get ready and as such we're getting record high prices on almost everything except epics and JC patterns. As far as what to purchase, there will -always- be a need for enchanting mats, and other trade mats (eternals, ore, herbs) so I would buy all those up if they've just hit very low prices. I'd also look at frozen orbs, and any spellthreads, leg armor, or scrolls of enchants that people are dumping since I believe ulduar will bring increased need for all of these things.

  6. Cosmics are at 15-17g lately on Executus(US) Horde side. They use to be 20-22 when I would actively sell them.

    Now I just buy them out at 16g or less and stock them up for 3.1... maybe im single handedly keeping the market at 17g by buying all them out at anything lower...

  7. Nordrassil (EU) horde 15-17g each.

  8. I have giant Auctioneer tooltips because I like having a lot of information quickly. I find that having the Simple Auction data in the tooltip with Average 3-Day MBO is a very good indicator of items whose prices are rapidly drifting from market price.

    Another useful tool is to drop items into the histogram to give you a better idea of any trends that particular item is following.