Monday, April 13, 2009

1988g and 700g on AH

Sorry for the lack of posts. Its starting to get nice outside here in the midwest not to mention baseball season has started.

So here we are almost breaking 2000g from the 20g initial investment. It has only been 1 month and 2 days. I expect when I get home tonight to have broken the mark. Greater cosmic essences from the last post are selling out for me at a low price but are moving very fast. I haven't done a serious amount of buying lately as I was stocked up from the guy who sold me the contents of his guild bank last weekend. I'll probably spend some time scanning and buying tonight.

Does anyone know when the 3.1 patch is coming?


  1. This week or next week with Noblegarden coming out soon after. Any later and they will need to move Noblegarden again.

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  2. Patch 3.1 is coming out today. April 14th, 2009. Great day in history.