Sunday, March 22, 2009

337g and 1850+g on AH! - Comments Fixed :)

Just checking in here. Busy weekend and not a lot of time to scan and play the AH but I got about 50 minutes worth of game time since my last post. I've boughten 2 different epic items now that cost more than 370g for resale in the 550g range. I found one on the Trade channel and the other was actually listed in the AH. I've been keeping my money tied up but its making me nervous having all these items outstanding on the AH. I had 960g in my bag at the highest cash level on Saturday night when i starting buy a lot and reserves went down into the 200g range. I checked in today and gained about 250g back that I spent last night and the rest of the items are on AH.

Seems like the market floods with Ace through 8's after each darkmoon faire. Are they worth buying when low and waiting the few weeks to repost for the next faire ? Leave your opinion in the comments on this one, I need the help.

Any readers coming from Markco's Just My Two Copper, thanks for coming by! I love his site and all of his posts. It is where I started my quest for gold and intend on reading until I stop playing wow, heh, like that will happen. :)


  1. Great blog - i love your hot and cold items.

    I've got a quick question - how do you determine what to buy when doing a full auctioneer scan? Do you just buy items with a pct of 5 or less?

    I've just been controlling the market in netherweave bags. I just buy the occasional recipe that looks like a bargain.

    My daily income is around 150g. Not to bad but not nearly where I want to be :)

  2. Fantastic blog. i love the spirit of trying to make gold on the auctions house. I am like you; a avid reader of Markco's and by using his and your techniques within the last week I have made over 2300g just by playing the auction house. You guys give great tips and I look forward to every new post.

    Keep the tips coming and if I have 1 suggestion it would be to attempt to stick to trade materials more, I have found that buying enchanting mats during the weekend when my server (destromath alliance) is overflowing with cheap enchanting mats and re-list them as stacks of 1 during the regular work week.

    People have time to farm these mats when they're not working - sell them for fast cheap profit(which i am willing to provide) then sell the mats back to them at almost double the price when theres much fewer listed.

  3. J8 Fish - I do a full auctioneer scan then after it completes I turn the realtime scanner on as well. That way i'm not missing new items as they get posted. I sit for about 20 minutes going through the search UI for resale and buy anything I think will move. Example last week i saw a pair of lvl 19 twink cloth pants posted at 1 gold. Market value from auctioneer showed these were at 11% and sold for 12g-ish. Bought and reposted for 10g. Other than that I trust the Auctioneer scanner and as long as some patch hasn't affected an item's value i'll buy anything that is discounted more than %50 percent. Then repost at market value. There is less risk involved when dealing with stacks of smaller items than there is with single epics ranging from 300-700g.