Monday, March 23, 2009

803g and 1200+g on AH

Hello boys and girls. Its time for this weeks hot and cold! I'm still finding awesome deals on the trade channel (especially [Frozen Orb]). Always keep your eyes open. Also it seems like the later at night, the better deal you get. ProTip incoming: If you see someone WTB something on Trade channel, its possible between the time they looked and posted in trade, another auction has posted for less than what he/she is willing to pay. Double check it once and a while.

Shout out to Markco and Just My Two Copper, without your blog I wouldn't be making some coin or writing this blog!

This weeks HotList:

  • Frozen Orbs (Should have made it on last week as well, still making 20-25g/per)
  • Greater Planar Essence (There has to be a very popular crafting recipe using this)
  • Bloodfin Catfish (picked up 10 of these for 1.5g, they sold in stacks of 3 for 18g99s/stack)

This weeks ColdList:

  • Lionseye (Price on this purple gem has just plummeted, this happen anywhere else?)
  • Scrolls of Anything (I had luck with these early on but the market is not steady)
  • Primal Tiger Leather... (is definately garbage, had 18 since 2nd day trading. Just sold today for my money back even though auctioneer market price is 2x that)


  1. I'm willing to bet people are buying up the greater planar specifically for the mongoose enchant (still good for a few specs and twinks)

  2. Love the blog, came from Marcko's but I must admit I like this one better. :-) It's focussed more for the average player (starting with 20g is more realistic for me) so its a good indcation of actual results people can have. :-) Keep up the good work.

  3. Len,
    I appreciate the praise, but it may not come down to which one is better. I think the real difference is the focus of the content and material. Markco wants to make you rich in WoW as fast as possible. I want to do just the same, but I don't know that my methods are as fast or faster than farming/dailies or other gold harvesting methods yet. We will see how this develops as time goes on. Thanks for reading!

  4. It's just my personal view that I find yours more focused on the newer players rather than the ones that have been playing for years and know all the things. I don't have access to all the farming areas that marcko suggests, (level 61) so your guide helps me out a ton as it is all focussed on AH playing currently which i can do. I didnt buy my mount to try your guide out, and after only 3 days I had enough for my mount and to get all my gear enchanted too. Thanks

  5. I have to agree with Len. I like both of yours a lot but I find yours more suited to the casual player. Also even if your Hot and Cold items don't really match up with my server I really do like them.

    Good luck and keep up the great job!

  6. Be careful doing the protip. It is an old WOW scam to post an item in the AH, and then go on an alt and spam trade to buy the same item for more than the AH posting.

  7. If you're wondering about the lionseye, its value has dropped simply because it is less useful than a green quality gem from wotlk.

    For example:
    Great lionseye: +10 hit
    Rigid Sun Crystal: +12 hit