Wednesday, March 18, 2009

570g and 900g in oustanding auctions

Taking almost 2 days off has slowed me down. Friends and Family count way before any amount of gold in a game.

Being at this for a little over a week now I can tell my confidence in buying has been increased as i've seen some of the same repeat "deals" that obviously aren't and some items that I know dang well that will net me 3 times its buying price. One thing valuable i'm going to take away this week is the concept of market fluctuation. Just because you sold something for XX gold 4 days ago, does not gaurantee that you can still sell it at that price. So without further hesitation, I give you this weeks list.

This weeks HotList:

  • Arctic Fur
  • Quick Autumn's Glow (or other high end pre-cut gems)
  • Titanium Ore

This weeks ColdList:

  • Scrolls of Anything IV or higher (Did well on these in the first week, now aren't moving)
  • Flask of Mighty Restoration (Got these on a steal and have been posting under market and can't make them move at all. I'm currently 20g under market price and still nothing)
  • Glyphs are flooded and dead on my server. Do not waste your time.

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