Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It all started with 20g.

This weekend I learned about playing the AH. I have heard about it before but I never really bothered to check into it as I thought I needed heaps of gold to start. Turns out I was wrong and I shouldn't have waited so long to get started. I created a new toon on my server and created a new mule guild. I transferred 20g from my main to this character. I had already set up the and been scanning for 3 days. They recommend you get more days of scanning in before you really start but I guess I got lucky.

So I went the first round by buying up 20g worth of items on the AH. The first couple items I bought weren't neccessarily bargains but I just wanted to play it relatively safe as I was just starting. I purchased some nexus crystals, crystalized fire, 2 different glyphs and some odds and ends that I can't recall. I ended up spending all but one gold. I have sold all of my original investment items and net about 80g.

I want to say that glyphs are really hot right now as I purchased a few for less than a gold each and sold one for 8g and another for 5g. With the dual spec stuff coming up glyphs will be re-purchased again and again. So last night on my server, I saw a 32 slot Engineer bag. Auctioneer tells me this bag's moving price is 121g. I bought the bag at 50g and relisted for 121g. I'll let you know how that turns out for me.

As I do this more I expect to learn alot, but playing for as long as I have really gives you an advantage to know what items will sell. Just remember all the stuff you bought in the past, no matter what you paid for it. I'm finding some real bargains out there but you have to be fast with the realtime scanning/search ui to get them. I have 4 auctions outstanding for some sort of stone quest item. I picked up the lot of 16 for 4silver. The return price based on the auctioneer moving price is 10g per 4units. Thats 4silver into 40g. Nothing can really be more satisfying than that.

This weeks HotList:
  1. Glyphs
  2. Crystalized Elements (Fire, Water, Earth etc..)
  3. Frozen Orbs

This weeks ColdList:

  1. Nexus Crystals
  2. Uncut Jems
  3. Spider Silk (Except NetherWeb)

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