Tuesday, March 24, 2009

381g and 2221+g on AH

Wow did I score some great stuff today. I got 10 [Nexus Crystal] for 5g which should turn around for about 27g. I also picked up a [Design: Thundering Skyflare Diamond] for 350g and market price is 750g! I'm the only one on the AH posting one so it got marked up to 859g by whatever magic auctioneer decides. Speaking of Auction... I found a new part of Auctioneer to speed up my posts and reposts. When you are in the appraiser screen posting, look to the top and click on "Full View". It will show everything in your bag on the left and let you just single click to appraise. It is fanatastic!

Now that I can afford to dabble in the epic department I can see how this is going to grow a bit faster. When you can turn 200g on an item after posting 2-3 times, who can beat that. Post in the comments for the single biggest return on investment you've had so far. My biggest turn, unless current auction for that design sells, is 179g.


  1. Nice - i actually bought the same design last night for 200g. Auctioneer showed market price of 530g. Listed it for 500g and will see how it goes.

    Biggest return was on haste potion recipe. Bought for 10g sold for 580g.

    Nice tip on the full view. Never knew that. Hehe

  2. Hey again Rawrzor,

    I'm using your experiences on a the new EU server Saurfang, I've been buying and selling now for 5 days. I started like you with 20gold (my mount savings) and have now got 134gold (mount bought) and around 300gold in pending auctions, I never knew it was so simple to make money, I don't have to go farm for hours, ( I have home commitments ) so this way is much easier for me. I wanted to ask though, how many times a day do you scan the AH for the raw data (not including the vendor searches etc) Thanks.

  3. Biggest turn around so far was a Nobles card someone posted for about 200g. I bought it and reposted it for 1000g. Sold in a few hours.

  4. Thanks for your comments and support guys.

    I hope both of ours sell :) and your 570g turn is very sizeable.

    I scan once before I leave for work in the morning. Once again after I get home from work and then once more before I quit for the night. On the weekends it is a bit harder but I usually manage at least 1 scan per day minimum. My current data seems very reliable and i'm beginning to blindly trust it as long as the item seems decent.

    That is a huge turn and I have seen nobles cards for sale around that range, i'm just not sure how cards float on the market. I've never collected or touched a Darkmoon deck. I don't even really know what they do, i'm probably missing some important part of the game. So I really have no way to judge if people buy these things often. I did pick up some chaos cards really cheap after the faire was over and i'm holding them until the next faire... Smart move?

  5. Hi Rawr,

    From my experience, the Darkmoon cards are a bit hit and miss.

    Nobles card/deck will always be popular, but as people get better gear the other cards/decks are becoming far less popular.

    I was lucky recently with a Prisms deck, I bought for 200g and resold for 350g, but I won't be buying into them any more (apart from Nobles).

    And my biggest turn around ever, during BC I picked up the Don Santos gun, for 500g and resold for 2500g. Nothing like that since Wrath tho :(

    Good luck with your money making!

  6. I got a question for you guys. I been reading up on the auctioneer and havnt really Found anything how to do the resale? Any suggestions?

  7. Nice blog you got goin here, keep the work up. And since i am already commenting i would like to request a guide on how to use auctioneer or how you use it. Its a pain in the but to do these things manualy, but i cant seem to get auc to work right for me.

  8. I'll see what I can do to get an auctioneer guide going for you guys. Hopefully you can expect something next week.

  9. I woulda Really appreciate that Rawrzor!