Sunday, March 15, 2009

So its been a week - 46g and 1000g on AH

I've been trying to play the AH for 7 days total now. As the post topic has indicated my gold and outstanding auctions, I am beginning to understand things. Basically in order to sustain large incomes each day in trading you have to purchase some large items or volumes. A 40% discount on an item or stack that sells for 100g is going to work out a lot better marginally than any individual item worth less than 20g.

My Auctioneer scan data is getting more reliable after a week of regular scans. I have been using more parts of the add-on each day. There is a lot it can do and I learn things deep enough that reading a wiki really won't help much. I have also found a nice add-on for posting auctions that I would like to endorse. Auctionator (search @ It will basically show you all the auctions existing and put a configurable discount on to move your items at current AH value.

Tomorrow night I will post the hot and cold items for the week. For now, here are some recent items i've been moving: [Glyphs] that aren't market flooded and those seem to sell better on the weekends but usually remain sold within 2 postings. [Lions and Midnight Ink]. [Fel Iron Ore]. Finally, Marks and Signet Rings. Some people like to post these at way below market price and I tend to snatch them up under 10s/each. Also I want to say keep an eye out on the Trade channel for deals. I found some nice stuff that should net 50-90g per.

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