Wednesday, March 11, 2009

43g and 370g of items on AH

It's been a total of 3 days of trading in the AH. As the post subject says i have the 43g in my hands and the 370+g in outstanding product plus some stuff i've banked because the market is flooded with the item. I feel like this is really working. Because i've started small and still learning as I go, its taking me a bit more time to work my way up to the epic items and those people who say they are making 1000g a day. As I'm writing this, the 1G 40s bid i placed 15 minutes ago on the [LifeStealing Weapon Enchant] rewarded me as the winner. The other 6 on the AH start at 34g. I won't be stingy, Auctioneer says moving price is 27g. I will list it for that. This really is whole heaps easier than I could have imagined. Still waiting for my [Titanium Toolbox] to sell for 121g. That will seal the deal.

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